A platform for self-created quantitative surveys on an online panel

  • you simply create and launch a study and analyze the data
  • results delivered in max. 3 days since the study launch
  • conduct a survey for as little as 3k PLN

See how simple and friendly
Omnisurv is.


Poland-wide sample
(Omnibus study)

The sample structure is designed based on Statistics Poland data (GUS – Poland’s chief government statistical agency). But You also have a choice in this case. You can narrow down the sample and conduct Your study with women or only with men. You can choose a specific age range, education, city size and region.

Pre-prepared target groups
available on the platform.

You can conduct Your research project with mothers of children aged 3-14, people responsible for shopping in the household and many other groups. You can specify the sample of respondents based on, i.e. age, education, city of residence and parameters specific to a given target group.

Tailored to suit
Your needs

On our platform, we can create and provide access to target groups matching the customer profile of Your brands or the character of Your business. All You need is contact us.


Choose the type

You can choose from several types of questions. You can ask about routines, attitudes, opinions, preferences. You can test ideas for names, taglines or promotions. You can show a pack design, a short animation, an advertisement spot or concept.

You decide how many questions there are

With Omnisurv, You can ask one, two, twenty or more questions. You decide based on Your needs and budget.

We take care of their quality

The questionnaire You created is verified by experienced market researchers. If we have any feedback, we will let You know.

You can shape the cost of Your research. You can add or take out questions, formulate them in a more concise manner, you can make the sample larger or smaller. You see how the changes You make impact the price.

You know that You’ll receive Your research findings in maximum three days.


Survey sending

Omnisurv automatically sends Your questions to Your respondents.


The target group of Your choice answers questions You prepared.

Dedicated manager

We make sure that everything runs smoothly and for the study to be completed swiftly.

You have 3 possibilities:



You work on data in a format is convenient for You.


You generate Your own tables which show statistical differences.


You create Your own graphs and export them to Power Point.

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